Water and Environment in New Millennium: Education and Capacity Building

The Conference provides the opportunity for individuals and representatives from institutions and international organizations active in the field of water and environment education and capacity building. The following key topics include: - Multi-disciplinary Water and Environment Educational Programs - Capacity Building for Sustainable water resources Development in a Changing world/Environment - Water Education for School Children/12K education - Trainings of Water Trainers - Training of Water Policy and Decision Makers - Public Awareness and Community Education for Water - Capacity Building for Ecosystem Based Water Management - Capacity Building and Education for Participatory Water and Environment decision making - National and International Success Stories - Education for Enhancing Water Diplomacy - Life-long Learning - Customized curricula for various climatic and hydrologic conditions - History of water education - Role of culture, media and social networks in water education - Innovative ways of collaboration with water industry for recognizing gaps in curricula - Education for enhancing - water diplomacy - water safety and health - water economics - water demand managment. The conference and its side workshops will also be a platform for sharing experiences and innovative ideas on application of new educational technologies, methods of teaching, and E-learning opportunities in water education and capacity building.

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