Hengameh Afrakhteh Civil and Development of desert region Spatial and temporal study of wind erosion upon the dust storm index (DSI), (Case study: Khorasan Razavi Province)
Zahra Ahmadi Plant and Animal Production
Mohsen Asadollahi Civil and Development of desert region
Behnaz Asafjah Plant and Animal Production Integrated Catchment Modeling And Management using Fuzzy TOPSIS method. (Case Study:Dare nari sarvestan)
Fereshteh Ashouri Environment and Natural Resources    
Faezeh Azizollahi ghalhari Civil and Development of desert region
Zahra Babadi akasheh Environment and Natural Resources
Maral Babakhani Civil and Development of desert region Study of Groundwater Quality and Quantity Trend using Geostatistic (Case Study: Ravar Plain, Kerman province)
Aazam Baigi harchengani Civil and Development of desert region
Nadereh Beygi Plant and Animal Production
Maryam Daemi Environment and Natural Resources
Mohadeseh Ershadhosseini Environment and Natural Resources
Faezeh Fanian Environment and Natural Resources Population modeling of Gazella subgutturosa, using Bayesian Networks (BNs) (Case study: Touran protected area)
Zahra Feizi Environment and Natural Resources Water spreading site selection using Fuzzy AHP (case study: Kasahn plain)
Mojgan Ghalamghsh Plant and Animal Production
Afsaneh Ghasri Environment and Natural Resources Ethnobotanical study of Miyan Taleghan region
Zahra Kadkhodaei Environment and Natural Resources Effect of potassium on reducing soil salinity and improve plant growth (Case study: Safadasht, Malard, iran)
Elham kiyani Civil and Development of desert region
Ali Kourosh niya Civil and Development of desert region Landuse and landform change detection in the iranian southcoastal zone using RS and GIS (case study: Kangan County)
Masood Mansoor Environment and Natural Resources
Nasrin Moazami Plant and Animal Production
Fatemeh Mohebzade Environment and Natural Resources
Sakine Mohtadi Plant and Animal Production Monitoring and Capasity Assessment of Social-Ecological System in Landscape Co-management (Case study: Eshtehard region-Alborz Province)
Fatemeh Nakhshab Plant and Animal Production
Farzaneh Nasrollahi zadeh Environment and Natural Resources
Zahra Noraee Plant and Animal Production Investigation of vetiver grass tolerante to saline codition
Mahnaz Ranjpisheh Plant and Animal Production Study the role of agriculture on desertification and degradation of environmental area around the Urmia lake (Case study: Shabestar)
Maryam Saffari Environment and Natural Resources Effects of plant species on refining the purification of soil contamination resulting from industrial effluent (Case study: Alborz Industrial Zone)
Fatemeh Salehi Plant and Animal Production Evaluation of gama radiation on plants seeds germination and salt tolerance in Nitraria Schoberi (Zigophyllaceae)
Fatemeh Sharifi Environment and Natural Resources
Zeinab Vasheghani Farahani Environment and Natural Resources Study priority of sand resources based on vegetation, granulometry and surface stoniness
Somayeh Vosoghi purmand Civil and Development of desert region