Introduce Center:


International Desert Research Center (IDRC)


This center started its research activities in 1975 under the title of “Research Center for Desert and Arid Regions”. It was recognized as a Research Institute in 1990 by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education. It was renamed to “International Desert Research Center” in 2003 as approved by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. One educational and four research departments are presently operational at this research center. Twelve research divisions along with four research stations in the cities of Semnan, Kashan, Birjand and Kerman operate under the main center.


ŔźDean: Prof. Dr. Gholamreza Zehtabian

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Jahangir Feghhi

Head of the Department of Management of Desert Regions: Dr. Naser Mashhadi




The Departments of the International Desert Research Center are as follow:

• Department of Management of Desert Regions

• Research Department of Technology and Engineering

• Research Department of Humanities and Arts

• Research Department of Biological Sciences

• Research Department of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources


 Training Activates

There is a Master program (M.Sc) titled “Engineering of Coexistence with Desert” in the Department of Management of Desert Regions which provides an opportunity to study the different aspects of arid  and semi arid regions in a multidisciplinary framework.