Center Goals

 Research areas

In accordance with its major goals and responsibilities to improve the conditions of natural settings and the livelihood of local people in desert areas, IDRC has launched and implemented a wide-ranging of research activities over the past. A summary of pivotal topics and subjects are listed below:

-       Assessment of potentials and characteristics of arid and semi-arid areas of Iran

-       Identifying criteria and benchmarks of desertification in Iran

-       Modeling of desertified hotspots in Iran: priorities and approaches to combat desertification

-       Eco-tourism and Geo-tourism in desert areas

-       Studying surface and underground water resources

-       Identification of drought-resistant plant species

-       Analysis of drought cycles and trends in Iran   

-       Investigation on ecological and eco-physiological characteristics of indigenous plant species in desert areas of Iran

-       Studying and classifying of soils in desert areas of Iran

-       Assessment of potentials and land suitability for expansion of renewable energy sources in desert areas on Iran    

-       Studying of wind erosion: processes and impacts